Impact Model

Our Impact Model is based on cooperative enterprise values and principles, and aims to recognise the six forms of Capital/Wealth:

  1. Natural – essentially the natural environment that sustains us and all life on earth.
  2. Human – that’s us, quantified by the efforts of people in the form of skills, qualifications and technical abilities, as well as our health and well-being.
  3. Social – linked to the value that comes from social networking and the value of the relationships we build through collaboration with others.
  4. Intellectual – developed from the combination of Human and Social wealth but distinct in that intellectual ideas are formed from human endeavour, then recorded so they can be shared in a collaborative way to benefit others (sometimes called IP).
  5. Manufactured – differentiated from financial capital as new products and services are generated, and can be defined as the productivity that comes from well-manufactured goods, and how accessible they are to primary stakeholders.
  6. Financial – the easiest to define and measure by accounting practices, so therefore the default focus of most enterprises.